Ask Yourself These Questions And Decide


A relationship requires commitment from both parties to work out. Sadly, not all relationships are meant to last. Some are bound to fail, but this can sometimes be hard to admit no matter how obvious the situation might tell you.

Sometimes, we choose to hold on maybe because we have invested time and emotions just to give up. We are too scared of what’s going to happen if we decide to quit. We are uncertain of our lives without that “someone.” Sometimes, we also choose to hold on because the people around us who have also been a part of our relationship will be as devastated by the breakup. But you need to ask yourself: Is it worth staying in a relationship that no longer nurtures you?



You need to ask yourself these questions and decide:

Are you still growing as an individual?

When you get into a relationship, you agree to grow old with someone, make plans and build your life together according to your mutual aspirations. But our individuality must always remain. It means that we must still retain our perceptions, dreams, hopes, and preferences.

We just decided to compromise with someone and to live our days with them because of love. It is essential that we remain true to ourselves and never forget our being. Sometimes, we get blinded by love that we are willing to give it all and forget about ourselves. As an individual, our values such as our dignity and integrity should remain unbroken.

Do you still feel your worth?

How you feel about yourself is crucial in a relationship. It affects how you handle things and how you act towards your partner. It changes your decision-making and direction in life. Self-worth is always parallel to self-esteem. The more you value yourself, the more confident you become and the more efficient partner you will be.

That’s why it is vital that you feel your worth in a relationship. You felt valued and cherished instead of being taken for granted. You must always feel important and loved. If you think little about yourself because your partner mirrors it, then, something is wrong.



Do your sacrifices still matter?

In a relationship, sacrifices are necessary for certain situations to be able to balance everything, even the littlest sacrifice matters. Also choosing where you’re going to eat on a dinner date – you want Italian, but your partner wants Japanese. You will have to sacrifice to please your partner and go to his/her favorite Japanese restaurant, even though you never really liked sushi, sashimi, or maki.

These sacrifices are part of being in a relationship but what’s important is that these are recognized. If not, then, there’s no point. If your partner makes you feel that you must do things, then, they’re not worth it.

Every relationship is worth saving, but there are times when you need to say “enough finally.” Sometimes, the more you hold onto something that hurts you, the more damage you do to yourself. If you have already tried to reach out and open up about how you feel, but everything is still the same, then it’s time for you to decide. Do you still want to continue and hope for better days or do you want to set yourself free and move forward?