Finding Refuge After A Heartbreak


When a person experiences a heartbreak, the roller coaster emotional ride starts. The intensity of how one is feeling the heartbreak can depend on how long or serious the relationship was. That will also affect one’s recovery time. No matter how hard it gets, finding refuge after a heartbreak is somehow impossible to obtain; unless you consider seeking professional help or even talking with anonymous strangers online… and if you go that route proceed with caution (check this article). This article will help you in your journey to recover from heartbreak and finding life all over again.

It’s alright to grieve.

Allow yourself to experience the grieving process — going through denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. This is just normal as you are experiencing a loss of significant someone — someone that you have shared most of your life and special moments together. Take time for yourself to recover. It’s not easy but as they say, time heals all wounds. Don’t rush. You’ll surely make it. Laugh again and share joyous experiences once more.

Spend your time with friends and family.

Don’t sulk in your room and just let the day pass by thinking who was at fault, or blaming yourself for something that is now unclear to you. It is wiser to go out and spend the day with friends and family. This way, your attention will be diverted from the hurt. Your friends and family can readily offer their pieces of advice or thoughts concerning about your current situation. They are your best allies at this time.

Take care of yourself, physically and mentally.

Don’t starve and deprive yourself of nourishment, proper sleep and rest, physical activities, and socialization. It’s not the end of the world and so are you. It is understandable to feel sad and lonesome because of what happened. However, allowing yourself to be depressed for so long is no longer normal. Go out with friends. Do some outdoor activities. Go places and think nothing but moving on.


Avoid situations, places or encounters that would just remind you of the relationship.

There’s no need to elaborate further on this solution. The more you are tied up with the things or situations that created the heartbreak, the more hurtful and depressed you become. Detach yourself from all of these things. It will just be easy for you to move on with your life.

Be positive in your outlook in life.

Yes, there’s no other way for you but to move forward and leave everything behind. If you parted ways with your partner in a nice way, it would be easy. The memories you shared together are considered worthwhile. But if you have a difficult and hurtful separation, it is very hard to accept the realization that you are not together anymore. It’ll take time to process the negative emotions and start a brand new life without him/her. Nonetheless, don’t lose hope. You’ll get there.


There’s no one-day solution for heartbreak or a pill that can remedy it easily. You will go into a process. More is expected from you to recover, get up and live your life again with a spark. It’s part of experiencing life. If you overcome it, the more resilient and determined you will become when facing another adversity in life.

Sometimes, it is helpful to seek online counseling or chat with other people going through the same experience such as yours. These type of internet services allow venting of feelings in the private comfort of your home and personal time. The individuals participating in chat room discussions can provide you more tips on how to recover. By meeting more people, you are widening your circle of socialization, thus improving your self-esteem.