Healthy Ways of Moving On After A Breakup



Stuck. Depressed. Insecure. Those are only a few emotions that you most likely will feel after the end of a long-term (or short-term) relationship. The excitement of going out with friends wanes, and the will to work or go to school is lost with the heartache. You don’t feel well and you seem to have no sense of self at all. These situations are quite visible especially if you were left for someone else. You begin to think that there’s something wrong with you and that you can’t find another relationship that would last.

Difficult as it may be, you will need to take that last grip of yours and help yourself up – you can’t stay in bed and smell of old sheets forever! Of course, you are entitled to sulk in your room, be in those pajamas that you’ve worn for five days already, and eat like you’ve never eaten before – but NO, not forever!

If you’re looking for tips to help you move on the healthy way, then read along and try these out.

Moving On the Healthy Way 

  • Eat healthy. You’ve been eating too much ice cream and fries for weeks now. It’s time to get yourself together and start eating healthy. Get rid of all the fat that you gobbled – you’ve bloated because of those, for sure. Follow a diet that’s filled with fruits and vegetables. They help bring back the glow that once was there. Eat more mood boosters like oats, bananas, nuts, chicken, and turkey. You’ll need a lot of those for a while.
  • Who wouldn’t benefit from getting physically active? Just try walking to work – it’s a start. Perhaps if you have trouble sleeping or you often wake up early, then you can jog those blues away. Exercise gets rid of the toxins that are clogged in your body from the days that you decided to be a couch potato and binged while watching television. Also, you can easily spike your energy and feel eager to do better in the coming days. Who knows, you might want to do something more challenging, like pole dancing or cross fit training. What a healthy way to move on, right?


  • Spend time with old and new friends. Who says they haven’t been spending time with their friends since they were in a relationship? We do! Yes, we often set our friends aside because we are so focused on pampering our partners and making the relationship work. Now’s the time to make up for lost time. Shop, have coffee, or watch a movie with them, and remember how good it felt to be with them. Friends can definitely help you forget about your heartache, especially if they didn’t like your partner in the first place!




  • Include an old hobby in your daily routine – one that you stopped doing because you were afraid you might have less time with your partner. It can be as simple as buying groceries in the nearby Wal-Mart, joining community activities, or growing your own vegetables. These are healthy and productive ways that will even give you that feeling of slight gratitude for the breakup. Now you’re able to clean up the garden and find some space for flowers. It would also be much better if you learn a new hobby, like biking or rock climbing or something that’s not so you. This way you’ll be more engrossed and have less time remembering what’s not to remember.


Moving On Takes Time But You’ll Get There


The process of moving on may take a while. It starts very painfully but facing the hurt and the heartache head-on would be much better than denying that it’s there. You just need to be strong and have faith that things are going to be better – it always will.