How 2015 San Jose Online Counseling Symposium Benefits Psychotherapy

Several years back, a group promoting positive mental health organized an event called the 2015 San Jose Online Counseling Symposium. As the name suggests, the conference aims to highlight the fact that no one has to be wary of the stigma that surrounds psychotherapists and their patients anymore. Regardless of where you are and what you may be doing, psychological help is now one click away.

Here are a few more things to tell you how an online counseling symposium can boost the number of people who get psychotherapy, albeit virtually.


1. It Shows That Mental Health Assistance Does Not Need To Be Expensive All The Time

One thing you may notice instantly about talk therapy online is that it is not as costly as when you obtain it in person. That does not mean that the counselors you’ll come in contact with through an app do not have a license, okay? The affordability of their services merely come from their lack of need to rent or build a facility, hire staff, et cetera.

2. It Opens Everyone’s Eyes To How Many People Can Benefit From It

Events that focus on online counseling can also give you an idea of the extent of individuals who may find it beneficial. This new form of therapy is not merely for the folks getting six figures a year, after all. It is highly accessible as well to persons with disabilities and others living in remote areas.


3. It Gives Clients The Option To Keep Matters Discreet For As Long As They Want

Lastly, having an app on your phone or computer to contact a counselor anytime is better than walking in a mental health clinic. The latter increases your chances of getting seen by someone who happens to drive past it. It’s okay if that is a friend; if a foe witnesses you going there, you might have a bigger problem. You can only keep it a secret to everyone for as long as possible once you receive talk therapy virtually.


Considering digital psychotherapy is still new to you, try to attend an online counseling symposium soon. Cheers!