How Ready Are You For A New Relationship


Gaining interest in starting a new relationship can be very challenging after a painful breakup. Of course, you do not want to get stuck in that moment of sadness or loneliness. Eventually, time would heal everything until you are ready to open your heart again for a new friendship, companionship or relationship as you move forward in life. So what are the signs that you should look for in order to identify that you are indeed ready to meet or date potential partners? What are the cues that will help tell you that the shadows of your past relationship no longer affect you?

You are comfortable being yourself and by yourself.

This means you are contented and happy with what you are and what you have. You are in control of your actions and emotions. You are ready to date someone not because you are just lonely yearning to be with somebody to fill in the gap of your previous relationship. You are ready not just to be loved but to give love as well. You are ready not just to be taken care of but to commit yourself to loving someone.

The fears and doubts of the past relationship are no longer haunting you.

Your judgment of your future partner is not based on your experiences with the past. You look into your potential partner according to their own traits, character, and perspectives.


Your troubled past does not haunt you anymore.

You are no longer associating certain activities or things to your failed relationship. You have gained control over your emotions and have a new perspective about it. For example, you and your ex-partner used to hang out at the beach. Going to the beach right now either alone or with friends no longer drive emotions or sadness that reminds you of the failed relationship.

You know your priorities.

You are already aware that even if you are ready to develop a budding friendship or relationship with a potential partner, you should weigh your priorities. Although you keep your hopes up, you know for a fact that there is no guarantee of happiness forever. However, when you have issues, you are already able to handle this with ease and grace, not letting personal concerns affect your job or family.

Listen to the cues of the people around you.

Sometimes you may feel that you are ready and eager to start anew, but you can be blinded by your emotions which in turn affect your judgment. Because of the pain from the past, you have a tendency to entertain paranoia even before things actually happen.


If you are still in distress and feeling isolated after a prolonged period of time and could not move on from the past relationship, there are resources of online therapy available that can help you identify what is stopping you from moving forward and what are the effective ways which can help you hasten your recovery.

Moving on involves not only the readiness of the emotional aspect but the awareness of your responsibility to be in a relationship. Bear in mind that a relationship is a two-way process. Whatever positive or negative lesson you have learned from the previous relationship can equip you in developing a more fulfilling one.